Friday, December 4, 2009

Four Christmases

To get the Christmas mood, Jamie brought over this blu ray and I was pleasantly surprised. It makes itself out to be Meet the Parents times 4 but with funny and quotable lines, it surprised me how much I enjoyed it...even though it is not a very good movie. First of all, the families aren't even that weird (okay, well, I guess maybe it's because I'm a Newton). Second of all, the arc of the characters is predictable from the beginning. Third of all, even though family is the main point of the movie, marriage isn't and that erked me. Even though it is a very shallow film, it still had things to think about afterward (how scared people don't want to have kids. How love is know vulnerabilities, etc). Like I said, not the best movie of the year but served as an enjoyable night. Thanks Jamie! 6/10
PS>Few quotes from the movie:
"You can't spell families without the word lies."
"Woman, you get over here and swaddle this baby!"

PSS>Kids in Mind Meter:
Sex/Nudity: 6/10
Violence: 4/10
Profanity: 4/10

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