Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Here are some reasons to see Fantastic Mr. Fox right now:
1. It is fun, quirky, and family oriented.
2. It is a Wes Anderson film with all of his usuals.
3. It is a stop motion animation film NOT made by Tim Burton (meaning the clouds are white and there are sunny days)
4. Fun for kids (Tiego loved it. He wanted to watch it again and laughed a lot during it).
5. I would buy this movie right now for $15.
6. It's relatable to everyone. From the father, mother, to the son, to the badger, it all fits with everyone.
PS>I just bought this movie!

The Lovely Bones

You know how sometimes a kid messes their diaper and you cannot believe that that large amount of poo came out of that small child? Well, I cannot believe that this crap came from Peter Jackson. Maybe the book was better but this movie is an hour too long and tries to keep your interest by looking through the eyes of a pedophile! Scary in many aspects because of how easily this could happen, The Lovely Bones is a movie to just be avoided. 3/10
PS>Tiffany quote right after the movie: I just wasted 2 hours of my life!

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Weird. Fun. and everything you come to expect from Terry Gilliam. At points, it just felt like a long animation from Monty Python's Flying Circus. At other points it was a Tim Burton movie. I was most curious to see how they covered the death of Heath Ledger and they did it SEAMLESSLY. If you did not know, you would not even guess that he didn't finish the film. Kudos for that. On a thought provoking level, the Imaginarium is pretty high but you have to sift through all of the weirdness to catch it. Not a movie for the light of heart, but a very artful look at the choices we make. Pretty good. 6/10
PS>Tiffany hated it and she watched 30 minutes of the ending.


I am a huge fan of Wes Anderson (see Fantastic Mr. Fox right now!). I equally love Bill Murray. I knew this was one of Wes' first movies and like his film style so I thought I would give it a chance. I did not like it as much as Fantastic Mr. Fox or The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, I thought it went right along with The Royal Tenenbaums (which I liked and was the first Anderson film I saw). Quirky is the word that defines his films and Rushmore has a strange but funny way of coming across. First of all, the movie is smart and works together well with a lot of imagination. Second of all it is childish. Combining these two is where Rushmore really works. Bottle Rocket is next on my queue. Lets see if Wes can go 5 for 5. 7/10

Three Kings

This movie has no genre at all but works its place into every genre there is (other than family and romance). Part comedy, part heist, part thriller, part action, part war movie, Three Kings very surprisingly was a good movie all around. I like Mark Wahlberg for his "so bad its good" acting and this movie didn't disappoint (see the "Mark Wahlberg talks to the animals" SNL skit on hulu). It has been a long time since I have seen a movie with this many aspects that work all together and I liked it so much that I had a hard time sleeping shortly thereafter (I had to google Spike Jonze and Catherine Hardwicke who were a part of this movie...and I guess went on to direct some pretty big movies). Excellent though. Excellent. 8/10

Gentlemen Broncos

Although I am not a huge fan of Napoleon Dynamite or Nacho LIbre (I do own Nacho Libre though), I AM a fan of Jared Hess (the director). Why? Because of his story and how it relates to me. BYU film school. Mormon. Spanish speaking mission. Because I like to see what someone like him can make, I was going to give Gentlemen Broncos a try despite bad reviews. I am writing this shortly thereafter because of how horrible it was. Not only does it take Jared Hess's same humor over the entire body of the movie, but it does not offer anything else. Snake's pooping. Kissing a boy after he vomits. I do not think I cracked a smile during this whole movie. Also, part of the movie is about a local film being made (which is RIGHT up my alley) and it just made the movie longer! Gentlemen Broncos missed on all fires and actually reminds me metaphorically of a video of a man getting hit in the crotch. On funniest home videos it is just HILARIOUS because we know he doesn't even see it coming. That same video just is NOT funny at all if we know that it was done on purpose. Gentlemen Broncos is a man getting hit in the privates on purpose. The awkwardness, the dry humor, and the crappy filmmaking just do not work because they were actually done on purpose. Sorry Jared, you lost my faith in you. Can't say that I am a fan anymore (and feel the need to step up and be a director myself).

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Crazy Heart

Have you ever seen "Tender Mercies"? Yeah. Same movie. It even has Robert Duvall still in it. Some of the songs can be catchy but this movie was just once again the same story of fame, music, love, and drugs. How long can they keep doing this? 3/10