Monday, June 7, 2010

Blood Diamond

I did not have any problems with Blood Diamond in particular and I felt it was a bit more infotainment than entertainment, but I did not have a good time in the depths of African heck thinking about American shortcomings and feeling terrible! The story itself has a very fulfilling core where the objectives of the two main characters are divided between what they feel is the most valuable item in their life (family vs. freedom/power) but there were just too many innocent people being killed to feel good during this movie. That was probably the intent of the movie to move the audience to action to not buy conflict diamonds. I liked it as a whole but I did not like watching the tragedy of war. Good, but sad. A lot like Slumdog Millionaire and City of God but directly affects the commerce of the American people. 7/10
PS>Ok, I never once believed that Leonardo Dicaprio was from Africa

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