Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Superman Batman Public Enemies

Is DC Universe Animated movies the new Pixar? So far, their track record has seemed so. Of course they are different but I am talking about consistency. Superman Doomsday was phenomenal. Justice League New Frontier was unique and very well done. I am not counting Batman Gotham Knight (anime Batman). Green Lantern First Flight was non-stop action. I have yet to see Wonder Woman, but Superman Batman is another in a line of great animated movies. These could easily slip into the Saturday morning cartoon kinds of movies (see TMNT and Battle for Terra) but they just turn out to be EPIC. In this movie, it is Superman and Batman against the whole DC Universe (well, not the Justice League) and it doesn't stop. There is a great story here and from beginning to end it is a great movie. I wish I could say that for Superman Returns. Let's see how long DC can keep this up, but in the meantime, I'm glad I have 4 solid animated movies that I love. 8/10

PS>Why couldn't Lex Luthor be like this in Superman Returns?
PSS>Batman says to Superman, "You're late."
"I honestly don't think you understand" says Superman.
"Lois?" questions Batman.
Superman nods.
"You're right." says Batman.

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