Friday, January 8, 2010

District 9

Ever since I saw this trailer, I have wanted to watch this film. Done by first time director Neill Blomkamp, it is an alien movie set in South Africa and unlike anything I have ever seen. After Avatar, movies have tasted a little bland, but District 9 revived my belief in movies, and it was only made with $30 million! Now compare this movie with $27 million to make Twilight and you'll realize that Twilight was just wasting its money.

District 9 is gritty and real. The lead character is hilarious and dramatic. The story is interesting and action packed. This isn't a Hollywood movie at all. It combines the cultures of a movie like City of God/Slumdog Millionaire with science fiction. Deep down, District 9 could be considered too much of a video game movie, but it is just too real. It touches on real issues and is felt more than a video game ever could. 8/10.
PS>8 of 10 for too many exploding heads and F-bombs.

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  1. I just want to know how they could find $30M in budget for this and only $27M in budget for Twilight. Somebody in Hollywood completely missed a trend.

    I saw District 9 on TV the other day. On your scale I rate this a 6. I did enjoy the juxaposition of light-heartedness and brutality early on especially as they were going through the camp the first day serving notices of eviction.

    I have absolutely no idea why the aliens would put up with the ganglord given their advanced technology; that just did make too much sense to me. In fact, figuring out the alien mindset was a little difficult...none seemed to be real characters except for the leader and his son.