Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hoop Reality

Playing at a Redbox near you is the sequel to Hoop Dreams, Hoop Reality. Yes, Hoop Dreams, my favorite documentary ever and #5 on my list of favorite movies. I had to watch this.
The good:
It's a documentary and I love documentaries. It's a low budget documentary. Even better. It's only an hour and a half. It makes me want to play basketball.
The bad:
Simply put, this is a documentary I could have made. Even the DVD seemed like one I could make. At times the story feels forced and the drama/suspense is very absent in the basketball games. They are highlight videos. I didn't FEEL for any of these characters (even Arthur, which was WAY different in Hoop Dreams). I watched the whole movie and I don't feel like I knew Patrick Beverly at all. Also, the coach seemed UN-inspirational with the way he talks to his players, and the whole movie seems like a ploy for Arthur to get his clothing line seen. Where Hoop Dreams is so good because of the time and effort they put in to capture and tell the story, Hoop Reality fails to capture, but tries to create. With Hoop Dreams, The Heart of the Game, and even Through the Fire (on ESPN), Hoop Reality falls way short. 4/10.

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