Thursday, October 22, 2009

Land of the Lost

This is a confused movie. At a glance, it looks like it wants to be a family movie (which it should have been) but it was not. Many jokes were sexual including an ongoing joke where a monkey boy touches the humans private parts. So it wasn't a family movie. It also wants to be a college guy movie (i.e. Will Ferrel movie, Danny McBride movie) but the story is about childish stuff and is not rated R, so it doesn't quite fall under that category. Maybe it was just for the fans of the TV show or old Saturday morning family show fans. Nope. I believe they needed to make the movie for someone because it's not good for anyone. It's Journey to the Center of the Earth meets Step Brothers. I would have liked it as a family movie because there are a lot of funny parts in it, but the sexual comedy just was not funny and gave me a bad taste in my mouth. Thinking that Will Ferrel and Danny McBride being in it made it a bad movie isn't necessarily true. This was a dirty movie before they were even there. In addition, if you want to watch the special features, they have worse language than the movie. All in all, if you are a Will Ferrel fan and HAVE to see it, do it without your kids. If you aren't, avoid it. 4/10.
PS>Couple quotes:
Kid asking question, "
If you shot a ton of pot at the sun, would it burn up and get everybody high?"
"If you don't make it, it's your own (dang) vault" (with a picture of a pole vaulter)
Rick says, "I love show tunes. They really tell the story of the human condition." she says, "It's a bit gay." He says, "It IS great."
PSS>Kids In Mind Meter:
Sex/Nudity: 6/10
Violence: 5/10
Profanity: 5/10

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