Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Year One

Sodom and Gomorrah. This is really what this movie is about. With as much story as a SNL skit, it depends itself on Jack Black and Michael Cera being funny. Really, it felt like a parody movie about the Bible. A few funny moments (including Cain calling Abel a "suck") but most of the movie tries to make fun of the Bible as much as possible (for example: Abraham's ongoing joke is how he is excited to circumcise everyone). THIS IS BY THE SAME DIRECTOR AS GROUNDHOG DAY?!?! I do not know how these movies get made but I think this movie would only be good if you were 1. drunk 2. high 3. in it 4. Watching it in a small picture in picture window while playing Rockband: Beatles on the big screen. Avoid this movie otherwise. 4/10
PS>A couple quotes from the movie:
"I'm peeing on my face right now, you know, inside."
"You know what you are? A suck!"

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