Friday, October 16, 2009

The Proposal

There isn't much to say about The Proposal that you won't already know. It's cute, fun, predictable, and the best parts are completely ruined by the trailer. So, it's a normal chick flick. In the department of "getting together for the wrong reasons but have experiences that lead to more" movies, I prefer How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days but this is pretty fun also. As for Ryan Reynolds, I also prefer Definitely, Maybe but still, The Proposal was cute. It was pretty comparable to Two Weeks Notice now that I think about it. But, yeah, I liked it. 6/10.
PS> would have been 7/10 if I hadn't seen the trailer
PSS>Honestly I expected more because it made so much in the box office and got good reviews. But that's stupid because Mamma Mia did good in the box office, too...

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  1. I loved this movie! We saw it at the Dollar Saver theater a few weeks ago and I laughed until I cried at the scene where she's dancing around the bonfire in the woods! So funny!!!! Steven's getting this for our anniversary on Sunday b/c he's such a Sandra Bullock freak! Not a bad one to add to the collection!